"A  writer never has a vacation. For a writer, life consists of either writing or thinking about writing."

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The first Jake Scarne thriller!
In SOUND OF BLOOD, a gruesome murder in Miami Beach leads to a series of events that brings down a criminal financial empire and forces private eye Jake Scarne to make the hardest decision of his life. 

The first Alton Rhode mystery!
A beautiful woman asks Rhode to find the fugitive father of her dying daughter -- whose bone marrow could save the child's life. But nothing is as it seems in CAPRIATI'S BLOOD and Rhode soon finds himself awash in dead bodies. 

Cole Sudden is a crack C.I.A. operative in a unit that makes even the agency nervous -- except that it is a huge money-maker! In HURRICANE FATS, Sudden is on a mission of revenge. But there is a storm brewing, and it's not political.  

A prominent women is caught leaving the scene of a murder, still-smoking gun in hand. It's an election year and the District Attorney is handling the case himself. The woman refuses to plea bargain and her father hires Alton Rhode to prove her innocence. But LAURA LEE is more than a story about justice. The tragedies pile up and Rhode is forced to protect more than his client.  

A conscience-stricken hit man talks to a priest without revealing his identity. The priest stretches, but does not break, the boundaries of privileged conversation to involve Jake Scarne in the hunt for those behind the brutal slaying of a young girl. In MADMAN'S THIRST, that hunt involves people who are not even afraid of the Mafia! 

Alton Rhode is pitted against a killer who uses her scientific and medical knowledge -- and sexual prowess -- to wreak revenge against men. But first he must find out who this female chameleon really is! SIREN'S TEARS is a twisty tale that spans two continents.

Jake Scarne has battled many nefarious characters and thinks he's seen just about everything. But that was before he got involved with some people in the publishing industry! In KILLERFEST, Scarne learns that even the deadliest adversary may have some redeeming qualities when compared to them. 

A murder in Massachusetts brings two homicide cops to Alton Rhode's door. When he finds out who the victim was, he sets out on a journey of remembrance -- and revenge! In SISTER, that journey takes him from coast to coast and down blind alleys before he comes to a startling conclusion.   

A man is murdered. There are dozens of witnesses. Fingerprint and D.N.A. evidence is plentiful. The killer confessed! But the dead man's wife isn't buying it. She sees a conspiracy and wants Jake Scarne to unravel it. He has his own reasons for taking the case, but nothing can prepare him for what he discovers in THE VIRON CONSPIRACY.
A cold-hearted assassin become enraged when he finds out who his last victim was. Seeking revenge, but unable to find out who ordered the killing, he enlists the help of his former commander, now a crack private investigator. GUNNER is an Alton Rhode mystery unlike any other.